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Karen Voepel


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Karen makes her home on the eastern plains of Colorado.  She is a reference photographer for western media artists.  Karen is the official photographer for Ken & Curtis Southern Plains Photography and Southern Plains Land Trust.  Her photographs have been published in several periodicals and she has won numerous awards.


Ranch life, horses, bison, and the wild prairie often are her subjects.  Karen is co-founder of Share the Spirit Foundation, Inc., providing new shoes to those children less fortunate.


She hopes you will be inspired by the American Spirit through her photography.  Thus…  “Images for life.”

Nancy Carroll


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After many years of enjoying photography as a hobby, Nancy started showing her work publicly in 2013.  Aside from an occasional workshop, she is mostly self-taught and strives to improve her skills and “eye” through reading, studying the masters, and shooting a lot.  Nancy shoots a variety of subjects but is mostly drawn to street, portrait, and travel photography.

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