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Gale Schadewald



Renowned for my work in acid-etched copper jewelry, each piece I create is handcrafted in Fort Collins, CO, echoing the untamed beauty of the outdoors. My creations are a harmonious blend of intricate details and nature-inspired themes, effectively transforming jewelry into wearable art.

As I infuse each piece with bold designs inspired by my experiences in nature, I aim to connect wearers with their inherent strength and beauty, mirroring the resilience and splendor found in the wild. Whether it’s the rugged texture of a mountain range or the delicate intricacies of a wildflower, each piece is crafted to remind wearers of their innate connection to the natural world.

Before delving into Metalsmithing and Graphic Design, my career path led me through years as a Wildland Firefighter. I served as part of an engine crew with the MN DNR for two fire seasons and later stationed in Monument, CO, as a Helitack crew member with the USFS for four seasons. During this period, I became both an EMT and a Helirappeller, rappelling out of helicopters for rapid wildfire response. After six years dedicated to firefighting, I transitioned into Graphic Design and Metalsmithing, where my passion for crafting jewelry found its perfect medium.

Karen Gilbert


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As a young girl growing up in Iowa you would often find me sitting on the front porch turning my old gum wrappers into beads.  The love for creating wearable art has always been a constant in my life... 


I now live and work from my home studio in Salida, Colorado surrounded by the Sawatch range of the great Rocky Mountains.

My inspiration truly comes from those very mountains!

The colors, the critters, the blood, sweat and tears all manage to find their way into my designs.  Nature is, after all, as much therapeutic as it is awe-inspiring!


While I've honed my technical skills by taking metalsmith classes and working with some great mentors, I am for the most part self-taught.

Cold forging, lost wax casting, traditional silversmithing, lapidary and wire wrapping are all techniques I use in my work. 

The oxidized metals I use include: sterling silver, 14k gold fill, bronze, copper and brass.  Prospecting is another passion of mine and you will often find my unearthed finds used in my designs.

Val Smith


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My pleasure is to design lively, declarative, satisfying, high-quality wearable art that is worn with ease.


My working with metal goes back to the late 1960s, when I discovered a passion for the creation of wearable personal adornment as a soulful expression of self.  At KU, I took jewelry/metalsmithing classes while pursuing a degree in another field.  Working as an apprentice to a jeweler gave me additional skills teaching me great patience with this challenging artform.  Exploring museums fueled my enthusiasm for color from natural precious and semi-precious stones.  Surrounding myself in environments that celebrated creativity, I discovered the soul of my painter within – much like the other painters in my family but uniquely expressed in personal art to wear.

Anjillee Schwarz


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Born in the Yampa Valley of Colorado, Anjillee has called La Veta home since 1971.  She obtained a BA in Fine Arts from Fort Lewis College and apprenticed at a Durango stained-glass studio for three years.  At present, she works in a small studio behind her La Veta home surrounded by gardens.  Anjillee has nurtured a life-long romance with nature and the Golden Harmony of Sacred Geometry.  In art designs, her intent is to echo the mystery of the infinite and our connection to it for the viewer.  She loves to work in glass because it seems alive.  She feels it is a medium that allows the radiance of colored light to meet the eye.

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