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Mixed Media

Mary Jane Butler


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The Whistling Cowgirl.jpg

Textiles have called out to Mary Jane since childhood. Realizing that non-traditional fibers could be sewn together in the quilting process, often with raw edges exposed, and using the speed and spontaneity of free motion quilting techniques, her doll making ideas took shape.  As Mary Jane created dolls, she was drawn into the challenge of sculpting the human form, especially the face, and expressing the whimsical side of human nature.  Clay, sticks, bones, and found objects of all kinds find their way into these characters.

Marika Guthrie


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Marika Guthrie loves living in Colorado… honestly, who doesn’t? After spending twelve years living at the top of the world in Leadville at10,200 ft. Marika and her family recently moved to the desert near Pueblo, Colorado. Although the mountains have shaped her heart and her art, she is excited about drawing new inspiration from the wild open skies and the colorful landscapes of her new home. While her 'day job' consists of chasing around her three wild kids, her evenings are devoted to working on her art.


Marika is a native of the West and carries a deep love for its hidden places that she has discovered by car, bike, boot, ski, snowboard, and (her all-time favorite means of travel) horseback.  It's these isolated places that inspire her to create her unique landscapes.

Elena Coppola


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My creative history is fine art, women’s fashion and clothing design, working with various medium.  The leather work I do is one of a kind; each piece created individually, primarily using deer, elk and buffalo.  I am inspired by the rich native history in the Wahatoya valley where I live.  I honor the whole skin of these majestic animals with their bullet holes, scars, and scratches – a true history of their lives.  I use feathers, shells, horsehair, metal, and bone mixed with antique trade beads.  Ethnic, Native American, and other Artisans custom crafted pieces also enhance my work and give it is unique and earthy look.  Earth, air, fire, and water is a theme that runs through many of my designs.

Gary Weston


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